Today, at starbucks, i was looking at an artwork collection hanging on the wall.
A man from the bar casually looked over his shoulder and said “They are for sale, if you want.” I smiled and complimented them, but the man continued to eat his salad and chat with the worker (who i also knew)

Well after i got my coffee i returned to the collection and noticed the one i’m holding in the above photo. Earlier when i came in, the boy at the cashier gave me my coffee for free, and it made me want to do something nice for someone else.

So i approached the man and asked him how much he would sell me the painting for. The look on his face was heartwarming. He did a double take and asked “Wait, are you serious? You want to buy my work?”

I insisted i loved it and i seriously wanted to buy it, and he said he would sell it to me for 50$. I gave him 60 and told him to keep the extra.

He proceeded to sign the back and told me i was the first person ever to buy a painting of his,

and he promised that when he was famous he would remember me as his first customer.

So, everyone, you are looking at the future of painting :) My new friend David’s beautiful creation!

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